Lacy baby blanket

I am doing an old pattern that I coped from Family Circle Easy Crochet Spring/Summer 2007 years ago and I don’t have the magazine any more. So, I’m making a blanket I’ve made before, but I don’t remember this part:

*MB in next ch-1 sp." I know that MB means “make bobble”, but I’m not sure how many stitches the bobble is…I tried a 3-stitch bobble. but on the next row it says

“*ch 1, sk next ch-1 sp or bobble, dc in next dc.” It’s a LOT of stitches to skip over to skip that bobble.
There are pictures of it on Ravelry, but that’s really not helping me out.

Any ideas?

Ok, thanks, but I figured something out!! I’ll be back!

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