Lacy baby blanket, hat, booties

Finally finished the blanket! Adapted a tablecloth pattern by only knitting the first 60 rows then jumping to the end for the finishing. Link is

Hat is Lacy Baby Hat (Designs by KN) which is a free pattern at Ravelry.

Don’t remember where I got the bootie pattern, but I think it was a compilation of several patterns.

The flower at the top of the hat is from


All three are so pretty . I love the tablecloth:)

Really sweet. I love the idea of a round blankie.


This is a gorgeous set! Keep up the good work.

I just wanted to say that I hope you and your loved ones are safe during this nasty storm Ike. Take care!!!

Very creative use of patterns. These turned out lovely.

What a beautiful set!!! great job!

Great job!

Thank you.

And thanks for the safe wishes. San Antonio is an evacuation site so we are pretty safe. We haven’t had even a drop of rain from Ike YET. Looks like we are going to get some of the wind and rain today and tomorrow. We should be just fine. Crossed Fingers

Very pretty.

:yay: Those are precious. Love the little pink details.

ahhh, that is so precious

Lovely, so delicate looking. Nice adaptation of a tablecloth pattern.

So beautiful and innovative! Great work!

Rosemary, those are beautiful! I love how you did the blanket- I think I might steal your idea, if you don’t mind. :slight_smile: