Lacquer for a traditional?

Hi! I’m a total newb to this forum.
I just scored an ashford traditional that is NEW in it’s box, brought over by hand from NZ from a husband to a wife who had every intention of using it as a display piece, but never did, never even took the tape off. She posted an ad and I was lucky enough to score it for SIXTY DOLLARS!! (CDN)
I can’t express how excited I am! I’ve been after a replacement for YEARS! My wheel got stolen years back and I have missed spinning SO much!
ANYWAYS, back to the matter at hand, it’s in pieces, beautiful beech pieces, on my living room floor, it says I have to finish it with lacquer, but have no idea where to start, have any of you finished your own wheels on your own? Any suggestions?
TIA!! XOXO:woot: :woot:

Hi Whiskeybiz,

I’m a newbe to this site and to spinning!

I have just bought an Ashford Traditional and I think you are a very lucky duckie to have had such a bargain!

My wheel was just treated with finishing oil and then lightly waxed. I wanted to retain the light colour of the wood.

I have a huge learning curve ahead of me and lots of wibbly wobbly yarn.


Just be sure what ever finish you use, that it is all completely dry before assembling!

Great price on the wheel! :inlove:

You should get all your answers on the Ashford website.
They have instructions for assembly, finishing, etc.

Also, there is a wonderfully supportive group for Ashford wheel owners on Ravelry.

Congratulations on your wheel! What a great deal!!