Lacey Fingerless Gloves (My Pattern)

Just made these lace fitted fingerless gloves with i-cord cast on and bindoff. A friend asked for them in black, which is hard to see the stitch definition, so below in red are my first pair. Pattern available soon free on Ravelry. Favorite or comment my project on Ravelry if you want to know when pattern is available, which should be just a couple of days.

I’ll be needing some test knitters if anyone’s interested :hug:

Gorgeous! Love them in the red:yay:

they’re beautiful!! I “faved” 'em! :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Love the red ones especially.

Love 'em. I gotta have me a red pair!

I still have a couple of slots open for pattern testers on Ravelry. :wink:

Very nice work!! I love them! Also, the pattern stitch is very intriguing but simple at the same time!

WOW! Very nice and I know how hard it is to knit in black!! Nicely done!! Yes, I love this pattern, when it’s available:cheering:

They’re lovely. I went to sign up, but the list was marked ‘full’. I’d have to make them in black, as that’s mostly what I wear in the winter.

That’s OK, I can let more in if I want :wink: PM me your email on RAVELRY please, and I’ll send you the test pattern and add your name to the test list.

These are beautiful!

Gorgeous! I can see them in purple, my favorite color! I faved them as well. Nicely done!:woohoo: