Lacey Eyelet Scarf

I’m making a lacey eyelet scarf from [I]Last Minute Knitted Gifts[/I] by Joelle Hoverson. It’s my first attemp at a pattern with a lot of Yarn Overs so stay tuned!

Here’s a little tip from me!

At the end of every RS row…make a “head count”…to make sure you didn’t forget a YO nor work an unintended YO! It is worth the time spent! Also, at the end of every repeat, install a “life line”…that is to say, run a different color yarn through all the stitches of the last row of the repeat! If you make a mistake somewhere in the next repeat…and get hopelessly lost…you can frog back to that “lifeline” row…it won’t frog past the lifeline…and put the stitches back on the needle. Then you will know exactly what row you’re on to begin again and re-knit.

  1. count “heads”
  2. lifelines


Thanks! Thats a really good idea, especially because I’m working it in black yarn and really can’t see where the garter stitch ends and where eyelet begins…

I also put stitch markers on the row, to demarcate the “pattern repeats”, or just to mark every 10 stitches. This makes the “counting” much quicker, and much easier to spot a “missing person”!