Lacework Lifelines

I am knitting my first ever lacework shawl and yes I am using two lifelines. It is a twelve row repeat so I am putting one at row 6 & row 12 the moving them each time I finished working those rows.

Recently I had someone who has been knitting a very loooong time tell me I shouldn’t be moving my lifelines but just keep them at hose rows & use new yarn each time.

What should I do? How do you all handle lacework lifelines? :??

I’ve always moved the lifeline, especially if you are very sure there have been no errors i.e. the stitch count is correct and the pattern reads correctly. Although it can probably be blocked out, the lifeline will also leave an indent in the yarn if left in too long.

I agree, keep moving them once you’re sure you have no mistakes

When I knit lace, I use Glide brand dental floss as a lifeline, not yarn. I usually leave in 2 lifelines at a time and move the last one up, but you could leave them all in until the end and I don’t think it would distort or harm the yarn. My dentist gives out little samples of Glide and it is very smooth. I find it perfect for lifelines but not that great for flossing since it’s too slippery. :slight_smile: