I am knitting lace from Jackie at HeartstringsKnitting. I signed up for the lace knitting tutorial. It is lace to go on a baby sock cuff. I do not have grand-babies(grandsons are 11 and 6) but my neighbor across the street from us is having twin girls later this summer. I see some pink yarn and pink crochet thread to knit the lace for the socks in my future yarn purchases.

Wonderful! I can’t wait to see some pictures!

I hope the tutorial exceeds your expectations!

How awesome! Please let us know how you like the tutorial!

Oh lovely! It is always admirable when knitters expand their horizons! I love lace knitting, especially little bits of lacy stuff…like using lace on the edges of cuffs, etc. instead of plain ribbing!

The lace is so pretty. But I have to wait till I get paid again before I can make them. The hardest part of it was learning how to start the first row with a yarn over. I tried it with some baby yarn and larger needles. I have some smaller needles already for the lace, just need the pink thread.

My first thought was :zombie: on starting a row with a YO in thread! Now it’s :notworthy:

And you’ve got me [B][I]really[/I][/B] intrigued!

What size needles are you using for the thread?