I want to knit a baby blanket and put some lace on the edge . So, is it ok to just pick up those stitches? And does anyone have a lace pattern that would be pretty for the edge?

Sure, you can pick up sts along the edges. The Feather and Fan pattern is pretty easy yet looks really good.

Thanks for the advice to knit feather and fan. I know it will turn out pretty. But, could you give me a basic stitch pattern? (I dont know how if less than 100 st. Plus, If I pick up stitches (and join in round so I dont have to do any seaming) how do I cast off?

Binding off in the round is just like binding off knitting straight. At the beg of your round, k2 sts, pass one over the other, k1, pass one over, etc.

There are a lot of variations of feather and fan, the most common one is a multiple of 17 sts (your sts need to be divisible by 17 for it to come out right).
k2tog 3 times, (yo, k1) 5 times, yo, ssk 3 times, repeat all of that around.

How many rows do I need to knit between the pattern row?:knitting:

It’s usually 3 rows between the lace row.