Pardon my drug addled mind for a moment (I had a migraine, took something with a small amount of codeine in it…)

Does anyone else get annoyed at patterns being called lace when they don’t use lace weight wool?

I was on and getting all excited when something had lace in the title, just to find out that it was knit with something much heavier…

I know that is silly of me…lace is a term meant for the type of knitting, knitting with lots of YOs and the effect they create.

I guess my traditional thought of what lace is, is something airy and light…and as my mind seems to like to process it, with lace weight, or very fine yarn!

Thank you for letting me rant…

Not at all, I knit lace patterns with worsted and bulky lace because I don’t care for the light, airy, ‘frou frou’ sort. It’s the pattern, not the yarn weight that makes it lace. There’s also debate on whether it’s ‘true lace’ if the pattern doesn’t have YOs and decs on [I]both[/I] rows, not just the RS row.

Lace is making holes in your knitting on purpose. And you can take those heavier weight patterns and knit them in a lighter weight with smaller needles, just as I take laceweight patterns and knit them in heavier weights.

I don’t like “lace patterns” with something else than lace weight wool. It just doesn’t make sense, plus it doesn’t look as delicate as it could/should

It’s the technique not the weight of the yarn that produces lace. I have seen bobbin lace done with hemp rope. It’s still lace. You may not like it.

I don’t like some breeds of dogs - but they are still dogs.

Doesn’t bother me either. I think of lace as a technique. Pretty much anything with yos & decreases forming an overall pattern. But it must make searching for patterns a challenge. Especially if you want traditional lace with light weight fingering yarn.

Speaking of nomenclature, the one that drives me nuts is Fair Isle vs Stranding. At least if someone says Fair Isle, I expect floats on the back. Stranding is so vague. Stranding how? Two strands worked as one? Intarsia or color blocking? Double knitting? Calling it stranding makes it less clear, not more clear.

So yeah, I have a few beefs with terms myself.

Lace is making holes in your knitting on purpose

So I suppose the ‘holes’ I have in my first pair of socks I’m working on can’t be called lace, huh??:doh:

So I suppose the ‘holes’ I have in my first pair of socks I’m working on can’t be called lace, huh??


yes, ithat is a type of stranding

Intarsia or color blocking?

neither are stranding. They are type of colourwork.

Double knitting?

is one of a number of stranding techniques.

Fair Isle is a specific type of stranded colourwork. calling all stranded colourwork “Fair Isle” is the equivilant of calling all whisky “Scotch”

Did you make them on purpose?

So I suppose the ‘holes’ I have in my first pair of socks I’m working on can’t be called lace, huh??

Well even if she didnt…we can always pretend right Sue?:teehee:

Make enough of them in some pattern & they become a design feature.

Or even if there is just one at the corner of the heel - it’s a “ventilation feature”

I think I shall rename my ‘unintentional holes’ as ‘design features’ as suggested!! :aww:

I really had no intention of actually wearing this first pair, just want to learn how so someday I might make a pair to wear! hopefully before the year is out!

I love that!!


Funny…codeine has worn off…doesn’t irk me quite so much! Does make searching patterns annoying though…

I personally don’t like lace done in anything heavier than a fingering weight still. But then, I am not very partial to what I call “hair” dogs, I prefer myself a nice “fur” dog! smiles

I agree with Mario, it’s a technique. It doesn’t bother me. If you look for patterns on Ravelry instead of KPC you can use lace as a search term and then filter the yarn size to lace weight. No surprises that way. :wink:

@Abby - stranding is the same technique as Fair Isle and you will have the floats. The terms are often used interchangeably, but traditionally Fair Isle has only two colors per row as I understand it. Here’s some link.

Sad thing is, you can filter that stuff on Ravelry, but it doesn’t always work. I have put a search on for lace weight, but it will throw in patterns that may have been tagged wrong or some such thing…Blah

It happens, but you can usually try different search terms or filters and get at least most the way you want. :wink: What kind of pattern are you looking for?

Really nothing in particular. I don’t know why, but lately I have been stashing lace weight yarn. It is like a weird addiction. When I am out at a yarn store, I will buy about 900 yrds of lace weight with no particular pattern in mind, thinking that something will jump out at me.

I will check Ravelry occasionally for stuff…but don’t have any solid intensions…

There are no errors in knitting there are just “retro design features”