I’ve never made anything really lacy, although am having fun learning lacy stitches.
I’d like to actually MAKE something, like a scarf or shawl, for starters, and want to know:

What kind of yarn is best to use? Baby yarn? Caron soft yarn?
Fuzzy yarn? Sport weight? (think inexpensive, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby yarn)
And, do I use a needle 1 or 2 sizes bigger than is recommended by the
yarn makers, to get that wispy effect?

Someone in here, when answering one of my threads, mentioned the Knitting Fool, and they have very pretty patterns in there, which have motivated me to try to make something bigger than a swatch.

I did a large circular lace shawl on size 8’s using Knit Picks Palette yarn. Took a total of 7 balls of yarn at like 2.99 or something per ball. Cheap and weeks of knitting. Plus the larger yarn and needles means you don’t have to fuss with materials that feel like toothpicks and micro-thread while you’re learning lace techniques.

Thanks for your helpful reply. I was wondering if anyone was awake, and, YES, they are!

Knitpicks pallette yarn is fingering weight, so, that’s pretty lightweight, and thin yarn, right?

And, you use a size 1, 2, or 3 needle, so, to go to a size 8 would indeed make it lacy! The pattern I’ve chosen isn’t SUPER lacy, but, it is a start.

thanks so much!

You would always go up in needle size for lace. You can use any weight really, even chunky. Caron SS would be good or baby yarn. Here’s a basic shawl pattern, the colors are awful (in my opinion) but I’ve seen some really pretty ones

See, I didn’t know about always going up in size for lace. No one told me, until now. :wink:

Those colors are typical teen or pre teen stuff.

I actually started out doing lace patterns with size 8 needles and Lionbrand cotton, making and practicing on dishcloths. They turned out nice and are very useful since some that you buy in mesh or kinda lacey. I used Claire Crompton’s Knitting Bible and an old Reader’s Digest Needlecraft book, learning all kinds of new patterns. Have fun, lots of beautiful, lace patterns out there!