hello all

i’m not a million miles of finishing a hoodie for ds whos 4. and i so want to up the anty on my knitting. i seem to be in a rut of not learning anything new right now.

so i have decided i want to learn lace knitting as my next prokect.

can anyone recomed a pattern thats beginer proof and not a scarf. for some reason i hate knitting scarves. goodness knows why as i buy them for myself and ds :aww:

thank you yet again

You could try a lacy dishcloth - try Googling “Free Dishcloth pattern” and choose a lacy one.

Here’s a cute lacy hat:
Knitty, Fall 2007

Good luck!

Lace is so much fun…I wish I had more time to spend on it…how about Cozyfrom knitty or Stolen Moments? or maybe the Forest Canopy :happydance:

This is a pattern for a lacy poncho here. #251, a little over half way down the page. It says the lace pattern is simple and it’s very pretty.

they are all goeorgous. i am going to make the forest canopy shoulder shawl for my mum i think. i have a bet on with my mum to see who can have the cheapest christmas this year (cheap skates i know lol). but we always spend an absolute fortune and wonder why. so this one is one of the firsts to be made ‘on the cheap lol’ so its going to be made out of stash yarn mainly i think. goodness this sounds bad lol

thanks again, and we’ll see how it all turns out