Lace Yarn

Hello…I’m new to the site and am excited to “meet” you all! I am starting a shawl project with lace yarn, and am wondering what is the best way to deal with the yarn. Do I try to roll it into a ball? It’s pretty fine. Thanks!

Is it a yarn with a lot of “fuzz”? If so you do NOT want to ball it. Also if it is a yarn with a lot of stretch to it try not to ball it as this will cause your stitches to become uneven.
It’s a pain to handle but a loose coil works best with some yarns.
Welcome to the Forum!

Thanks…by loose coil, you mean how it came when I bought it. Is there a good way to store it? I’m a little worried about tangling, but maybe this isn’t an issue.

I’ve been told that with very thin laceweight, not to make a center pull ball as when you get most of the way through it, the sides collapse and it tangles. I suppose it depends on the size of the ball and how much yardage there is. But you can wind loosely into an outside ball.

Thank you.:slight_smile: