Lace yarn

i have a pattern for something with lace. what kind of yarn would i use. is there a special yarn to use. thanks maggie

What’s the pattern? Have you made lace before?

I made the Branching Out scarf, which has a lacy pattern. I started with the pink yarn recommended in the pattern, but it was too fine for me to work with. So, I bought the elsebeth lavold (also recommended in the pattern) and loved it. It had more substance to it without being bulky.

So my whole point in the above paragraph is to be careful with what you choose. Some of the lace yarn is very fine, but if you can work with that then you’ll be okay.

Lace can be made with all sorts of different yarns. We would need more information about the pattern to answer your question. What pattern is it?

For doilies most people use crochet cotton thread. You can usually find it at crafts stores. There is a guide to the different threads used below:

Good luck!

My favorite laceweights are Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud and Shadow, in that order. I also really, really like the Malabrigo Laceweight.