Lace yarn is NOT fun

:roflhard: Today I decided to just play around with some that I got for Christmas. I’m so not ready for that yet. Wow, what a mess. I eventually gave it up because I don’t want to ruin a whole hank of beautiful yarn.

Tell me once I get more experience it won’t be as scary.

Once you get more experience it won’t be so scary. :slight_smile: Really, it won’t…it’s harder to work with really thin or really thick yarns when you’re first learning (at least it was for me). I advise you to stick with worsted weight, or maybe DK weight until you feel really comfortable, and then you can switch to lace weight. And keep in mind, there are patterns out there for lace in worsted weight yarns if you want to try out lace.

Oh in the beginning it was quite a scary experience. and I had to frog often. but then it all got better. I’m really addicted to lace now, and I have so many lace hanks waiting for me…

I really like lace knitting for the open-ness of the fabric, and the stretchyness (during blocking it almost doubles in length)

If you know how to back-knit, it’s not as scary anymore. You just have to track down the error you might have done, and knit back to the place of error (bad if you notice a few rows after, but good if you notice on the same row)

Since I learned how to back knit (I can even undo a sl1 k2tog psso) I’m not afraid of lace knitting anymore.

Keep going, eventually it will come. And if not, then not,… Maybe some people are not made for lace ? … :smiley:
But you should keep on trying, maybe buy a cheap ball of lace yarn somewhere to practice…

When I first tried it, I couldn’t even knit with it doubled. Had to triple it to do my project. Then I combined some with fingering, which made it about the same as triple, and then I finally got the hang of knitting it single stranded. Also, I found out some lace yarn is thinner than others. If you really want to try a lace project, do it with fingering or sport weight first to get used to thin yarn (if you don’t already use sock yarn). One of the things to remember is to keep a loose tension.

Having fairly pointy needle tips helps too. Addi makes circular needles specifically for knitting, and as people have been discussing other threads, apparently the KnitPicks Harmony and Options needles are pointy too. Blunt needles can make it a lot more difficult to knit lace.

I have Boye needles and the tips are great for lace. Though the ones I have are not usually the ones I need to use for lace…

I don’t know if you didn’t do already, but you have to wind your hank of lace yarn into a ball, otherwise you’ll really ruin it. Anyway, it will get easier with time. You really need to know to “read” your knitting for knitting lace - recognizing the different stitches, increases and decreases.

It took me a little while to get used to knitting with lace weight, but knitting on size 4 needles made it a little easier. I’m now making lace weight socks on size 0 dpns which I find more wearable during warmer weather. It just takes forever to finish a pair. Have patience and choose a simpler pattern to start. I made the Adamas shawl to begin with. Lots of stitch markers may help as well.

You might practice with cheap fingering yarn. It’s a little less intimidating.

Just don’t give up! I had my DH make me a yarn swift in order to wind my hanks into balls and I started with a scarf project on size 3 needles. Now I am knitting snowflakes with size 0 double points! It takes patience but it will get easier.