Lace wrap?

I know some of you have done beautiful lacy stuff. I’m looking for a lacy wrap pattern (free) and I want to use lace weight yarn or fingering weight. I need it to dress up a black maternity dress for my brother-in-laws wedding the end of Oct. I like the looks of wisp @ knitty but would like some other options. tia has TONS of wrap patterns!:thumbsup:

the leafy portion of this as wrap

these scarves done wider (double?) would make lovely wraps

It’s $2 but gorgeous

This one’s free it’s the Princess Wrap:

I’m making the Andean Treasure Shawl right now and it’s gorgeous. Just a simple feather and fan pattern.

Does your library have Wrap Style? The Shetland Triangle pattern is very friendly…a great choice IMHO if you’ve never knit a big lace piece (I hadn’t) and though it calls for fingering weight yarn, it can be easily adapted to other weights.

I also love the Luna Moth shawl…it’s in my queue… :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for all the great sites and patterns, they’re all so pretty. I also looked on previous threads and then went to the lys yesterday. HOLY COW mohair is expensive! :eyes: So with that taken into consideration & the fact that I have a 3 year old and a 17 mo. old I think I will just stick with the wisp from Knitty. It will take about 400 yds and so that was much more in my price range than the others that were going to cost mucho more. You can read more about it in my blog. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

You don’t have to use actual mohair. There’s several synthetic fuzzy yarns around that look very nice, are much cheaper and don’t shed.

Can you give me some examples & places to look to buy? Does Hobby Lobby or Michaels sell them?
I’m using Plymouth outback mohair, 70% mohair, 26% wool and 4% nylon

Lion’s Moonlight Mohair is a blend of mohair, but their Jiffy yarn is fuzzy too. RH Symphony too, though its colors are a little tweedy rather than solid.

Paton’s Lacette has a mohair “halo” to it. You can find it at Michaels and I believe Hobby Lobby…
The pics on their website don’t show it too close up, but I think it’s comparable to the texture of mohair:thumbsup: