Sock Supplies For sale:[B][U]SOLD[/U][/B]
If you want part and not all in either group, please make me an offer.
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Paton’s Kroy Sock yarn:
Gray 100% wool, no label, 1.1 oz.

Paton’s Kroy Sock yarn:
Pink Wool/Nylon, 1.4 oz.

Blue Wool blend sock yarn (Lion Brand I think, no label) 0.5 oz.

Red Heart Sock Yarn Wool/Nylon :
2- Navy full skein, 1.8 oz. each
1- Black full skein, 1.8 oz.
1- Off-White full skein, 1.8 oz. ( I started a pair of socks with this yarn but changed my mine. It has been unraveled, but the entire amount is here.

Wool mending yarn (also good to use for reinforcing heels and toes in navy, light blue, and tan.

Susan Bates #2 US / 16 inch Quicksilver Circular needle.

Wooden #8 US/ 16 inch Circular needle. (Purchased at Wal-Mart)

Metal #1 (2.50mm) 29 inch Circular needle. (Brand not known)

Susan Bates #13 US / 29 inch Circular needle.

All of the above for $20.00, this includes mailing in the USA.

[B][U]GREAT FOR CROCHET TOO![/U][/B]Yarn Treehouse Lace Weight Yarn

Great for knitting or crocheting!

Vega off-white/cream color; they weigh 2.1 oz., 1.8 oz., & 0.2 oz., for a total of 4.2 oz. (3.9 oz. if you do not count the smallest ball). A total of just under 2,000 yards.

The yarn in the smallest ball was stranded with another yarn, but then unraveled. It is dingy in color since the yarn I stranded it with was not the cleanest of wool. I included it in case someone could use it.

$15.00 for this yarn. Includes mailng in USA.

I am willing to break this up. If there is something you’d like; make me an offer. Maybe, we can work something out.


All of the needles $20?

The prices I have listed are for the sets that they follow.

I am asking $20.00 for everything in the first group. However, I will break it up if someone wants only a certain item or two.

The lace yarn though, I wish to keep together. This is nice yarn and would make a lovely shawl are scarf, but I just can not work with yarn this thin.The price includes mailing cost.

PM’d you

The first group of sock yarn and needles has been sold THANKS.

Any takers for the lace weight yarn?

LACE WEIGHT YARN is left and it’s great for knitting or crocheting!

It needs a home and loving fingers to work with it and make it into something beautiful. I can no longer work with such thin yarns or threads because of my sight.

$15.00 is a good price considering mailing cost in the USA would be $5.00(which is included). I paid over $20.00 just for the yarn. If you think it is too high, make me an offer or perhaps a trade.