Lace Vintage Doily

On round 28th I’m confused with the instructions after K5.

Am I supposed to (k1,p1)4 times+ k1 on the first yarn over and then drop the remaining 3 yarn over? or should I slip the remaining 3 yarn overs?
Thank you

Free Doily pattern:…/library/starry-night-doily-7574

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You can drop the remaining yarn overs off the needle. It’s actually all one big yarn over to make the large eyelet near each point.


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I’m curious what the O means further up in the pattern. I’m gonna take a wag and guess that’s how they used to denote a yo? Thoughts??Example:

1st rnd: K each st around. 2nd rnd: * K 1, O. Repeat from * around. 3rd rnd: * K in the front and back of the next st, O, k 1, p 1 in the next st, O. Repeat from * around

The O means: “Over; throw the thread over the needle before inserting it into the next stitch”. (In round 27th and 28th they say “thread over 4 times” and “left 3 thread overs”.)

So it is a yarn over, just a different term.

Maybe you would like to check this :wink: Terms Used in Vintage Knitting Patterns »