Lace valances

I read a few posts about knitting lace valances, but they were really old, and this is the first time I am posting so not sure how this all works. Question: I have huge picture windows (106 inches wide) for which I want to knit a valance about 16 to 20" long. I have been practicing with lace knitting and love it. So, in my book several of the lace patterns are knitted pretty narrowly (think scarf) and would look silly if I hung them horizontally. Also, I need advice on yarns to use - weight, etc. I want a soft drape, not a really stiff look, looking for a pretty teal or seafoam green. On the thread I read earlier they suggested using a pattern I like - and as I said, I have several, but some just won’t look right. Can anyone help? Thank you all in advance!

You could think about repeating a pattern that you like several times across the 106 inches. You might have to knit that in 2 or 3 sections that are seamed vertically but I think that would work. Running the panel horizontally might work too, if you then picked up sts on the long lower edge and knit a border down from there.
The yarn depends on the pattern and the needles you use and on how light or lacey you would like it to be.