Lace tablecloth

OK this may be sacreligious to post on a knitting board, but I’m looking for a mass-produced lace tablecloth. Mass-produced because I know the kind of time and energy that goes into making such a thing and the cost would be prohibitive.

My grandma has always had a lace tablecloth on her diningroom table. Over the past few years it has gained “character” in the form of stains, and she very much wants a new one. My mom has been looking for one for a year now and has only been able to find lace-print plastic ones!
I would make her one myself but it would probably take me several years (plus I would first have to get much better at crochet), and I just don’t have that kind of patience. I get bored making scarves! The table seats at least 8 with plenty of room, so its not a little guy either. Its one of those hundred-year-old-solid-oak-with-lion-feet deallies.
Anyway I was wondering if anyone had ever run into any large lace tablecloths for a reasonable price.

Check JCPenney. I saw some in the store that were very nice.

I also saw some in the dollar store, but they had the Last Supper woven into them.:??

Thanks, Ingrid! I seem to remember that JCPenny one had something wrong with it, though. Maybe it didn’t come big enough or didn’t have the right color (she wants ivory/off white and I think it was either white white or tan… now honestly who doesn’t have off-white?) or maybe that was the one that we pulled out and it was plastic made to look like cloth. I’ll keep my eyes open just in case, though.

WalMart has had some in the past. Crocheted cotton. I haven’t seen any recently though.

Jess, I really think you could do one! If you’re familiar with either DPNs or Magic Loop, the circular process is not that difficult. If Grandmother’s table is 60-72" in diameter, making one would only cost you around $20-30 depending on the thread you use. With 3/2 and a size 4 circular needle, would take maybe 1800-2400 yards. There are some gorgeous, free lace patterns out there including this one which is simple feather and fan. The length of time would be up to you and you just set a certain number of stitches or rows to do each day you can knit, making it one day at the time.

MOTIVATION MARY, here! LOL! :cheering:

I have seen them at nice department stores but it’sbeen awhile since I looked. I am very jealous of her table!!!

Thanks, all!
Mary, I am terrified of starting such a big project. The table is something like 5 by 9. So we’re talking about a lace tablecloth that is more like 9 by 13, minimum. I’m pretty sure my longest circular needle could handle that size (I’d knit it back and forth, not in the round), but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t!!! Unless maybe it was a ridiculously complicated lace pattern. Which I’m not sure is the best choice for my first lace project… (also the cost for so many miles of yarn… eep!)

Try the Vermont Country Store.

They have some by Quaker Lace, which makes good quality machine lace. They do not look anything like hand-knitted lace, but they have a good look of their own, especially with a solid-colored cotton or linen cloth underneath. And they do not commit you to a lifetime of knitting intricate lace with tiny needles and thread. (I may hear from the Knitting Police, but I believe that it is not necessary to knit EVERYTHING by hand.)

Knitasha, I think those may be exactly what we’ve been looking for. I’ll show them to my mom.
And if the knitting police come for you, I’ll bail you out of knitting jail. Which actually sounds like not so bad a place to be… lol