Lace stitches are tight

This is my first time knitting laceweight lace and I am finding my stitches are pretty darn tight on the needle. They are still ok to knit with but sure don’t slide very nicely along needle. I am not a particularly tight knitter so I am assuming it is a combination of the yarn (Elann’s Baby Silk-80% baby alpaca/ 20% silk) and the needles (Brittany’s - I ONLY use wood) or could the YOs be doing it or??? Is it just the way things are when lace knitting? Do you lace knitters have any advise (other than change my needles)? I am willing to accept this if this is the price I pay for using wood but if I am doing something to create this, I would love to know about it.

my limited experience with lace led me to believe it’s usually looser than plain knitting. That might just be me though.

Are you having trouble with ALL the stitches, or specific ones? I know sometimes like, k2togs, or similar can be difficult, with blunt needles. I wouldn’t think YO’s would cause it, unless you’re knitting them twisted, which wouldn’t give you the hole a YO is supposed to make.

For sure the stitches once made are loose - the lace is looking great and I’m excited! The drag I’m experiencing is when I’m trying to slide 100+ stitches en mass along the needle.

Oh, I would think that’s from the needle then. haha. If it’s really a problem, and you don’t want to get new, slick metal needles, maybe you could that trick where you rub something like wax paper on the needles, to smooth them out?

It would be the needles.

Wood needles grip yarn to keep it from slipping too much.

I can’t use wooden needles at all, because I’m a tight knitter.

I use Options needles and it often happens that when there’s a YO on the needle, I have trouble sliding the stitches. It’s like the YO yarn extends itself along the needle and becomes tight. If I keep pushing, it eventually comes back to its normal position (across the needle rather than along it) and then it slides smoothly. I don’t know if I’m making any sense, it would be simple to explain with pictures but I hope you can understand what I’m trying to explain!

Also, you have to pull your stitches apart sometimes when you’re knitting, or the YOs will cross over the other stitches, and you’ll try knitting them in the wrong order.

(Not like that’s ever happened to me before…) :—

My stitches do that sometimes when I have many on the needle at once or when I’ve got some YO’s in the project.

What I’ve found is that if I try to “push” more stitches up to where I’m knitting, everything gets bunched up and the stitches lay on top of each other and then it won’t move at all. So I try to “pull” the stitches up and then the ones behind them follow without getting up on top of each other. I hope that makes sense.

That’s exactly what I do now, too! :thumbsup:

Hmmm. Maybe that’s why I was muttering and sputtering over that lace this morning. Maybe I’ll get out my metal 10s and see if things work better.

Ah-ha! I was suspecting the yarn overs (as there are quite a few in my pattern). I will try pulling instead of pushing. Thanks girls!