Lace stitch I dont understand how to do

I am looking for some help, I have been trying to learn to knit on my own, and don’t know anyone else who knows about lace knitting. I have managed an Echo Flower Shawl, and buoyed by my success I have set my heart on a Rose of England (Kinzel) but I have come unstuck at the very beginning:

in the second round there is a yo2, then in the third round it says to Make 3 into the Yo2 of the previous round, and in the eighteenth round I see there is a M.5 into a yo2 of the previous round….

how on earth does one do this? do I make them into the first bit of the yo2, or the second, or both together, and, if both together, how do you knit a double yarnover together? Any help, very appreciated!

Spectacular shawl.
The double yarn over is really just one big loop so on the next row you can drop the first yo, leaving that one large yo. Here’s a video for adding sts into the yarn over. I also like the k1,yo,k1 method rather than the k1p1k1 for these increases. Of course, you can add in as many sts as your pattern calls for.

She’s knitting into a stitch but the same process will work for a yo.

(note the erratum on the Ravelry page)