Lace stitch help, please


I found a lace knit pattern I’d like to try, but don’t know what the following means…

“multiple of 10 stitches + 6”

Pattern includes many yo’s…

I am going to cast on 51 sts approx. so how can the lace pattern be incorporated? Is each pattern repeat 16 sts or 10 and if 10 what does the +6 mean? Thanks.

Here’s the link to the pattern for reference.

When you want to cast on for a pattern that says multiple of 10 plus 6, then you should cast on 26, 36, 46, 56, etc.

I can’t really explain it in this pattern, but there is that k6 component, so it must be a factor.

If you cast on 56 instead of 51 though, you should be all set.