Lace Slouch Hat

I started this pattern by Plymouth Yarn

After doing a 1x1 rib increase 12 stitches evenly to make 132

I don’t want to mess up the ribbing…so would you…increase on a knit stitch and then follow rib pattern?..I would have to increase one stitch every 10 stitches…

After CingO 120 sts, the instructions say “work in 1x1 rib for 2” increasing 12sts evenly across last round."

So yes, I would do a kfb into a knit stitch every 10 sts to increase to 132 as you said. Then follow the pattern from there.

You then go on to work in pattern, so those increases in the last row of ribbing won’t be too visible as to throw off the appearance of the ribbing.

You won’t be working in the rib pattern after the increase round, so you won’t be messing up the ribbing at all.