Lace shawl question

Okay, this is an odd question, so bear with me…

I am hoping to get married sometime this year (I am a student and my boyfriend just graduated and started a new job- and we have a 2 year old, so getting the money for it could be difficult- besides all the actual planning!) Anyway, the idea is a Victorian wedding, as authentic as possible and I would love a nice lace shawl-- but a handknit one to suit the theme.

I am a new knitter, so obviously I cannot knit it. My question is, is there anyone here who would consider doing that? (keep in mind, this is no guaranteed thing right now, I am just looking into all the possibilities) I have no idea how long that sort of thing takes, or how much it would cost, but I am just throwing it out there to see if anyone would ever consider that.

I hope this was okay to ask here, I just don’t know any knitter in real life so there is no other way to get one. Unless anyone knows where I can buy one that is handmade? Thanks.

These are not hand knit, but they resemble handknitted wedding ring shawls of Russia. Very, very delicate, very inexpensive due to being machine knit. Seems perfect for a wedding to me…

I’m afraid that a hand knit lace shawl would be a bit pricey.

Best wishes!

Yes, I thought that might be the case. Thank you for the link! Those are great too.

Check your PM’s :slight_smile: Sent you a message!


You could also check with your Local Yarn Shop owners and see if they or anyone they know would be willing to knit it for you. It may be better to have someone “closer” to where you live to do it for you.

You can knit a lace shawl if you want to. Lace knitting is not rocket science. If you can count you can knit lace. It is one of those things like cables that look much more difficult to do than it actually is.

If you use a lace mohair yarn like Kidsilk Haze and just a simple lace pattern you can make a gorgeous shawl or stole using size 7 or 8 needles. You will be surprised too that it will not take long.

There is a fairly new book out called Victorian Lace Today that has some nice patterns and some of them are not too difficult. Grumperina put some photos from the book on her blog: