Lace Shawl Pattern is Confusing Me??

Hi All,
I’m trying to knit from a bunnymuff pattern - Victoria and Josephine however the initial instructions are contradictory, at least to me. :confused: :thinking:

Since this is a purchased pattern, I’ll paraphrase.
It first reads to CO 8 sts to begin knitting in the round. The crochet magic loop CO is suggested but not required.
Then, place st markers, slip 2 sts x4 (there are 4 panels)
Next, the rounds begin and the 1st round indicates to knit just 1 st. But! i’ve already CO 8 sts. Huh?? Then I will start to increase with ea. round.

How in the dickens do I only knit 1 with 8 sts already cast on??

I’m using circular needles with a long cable 40" - the shawl is a large square that starts in the center and then grows out.

any and all advice would be appreciated! :hugs:

thank you!

It’s ok to quote the first couple of rounds. Is it possible that round one is knit around rather than knit 1?

It’s a stunning shawl and will be fun to knit, I’m sure.

OMG! Ha! You are right! I think about patterns way too much sometimes!

I’m going to get started and see how it goes. Thank you very much!

okay, still stuck. i looked at the pattern chart and round 1 does begin with only 1 st, round 2 is 2 sts, then m1, k1, m1, etc. I’m going to assume that if I use the magic ring CO that this begins my knitting int the round???

Does the pattern have markers to divide the 4 sections? Is it possible that the directions are for each section between the markers? You can check the instructions before the pattern begins since they may give a hint.
You can also quote a couple of the initial rounds here.

Yes!! You got it! I also emailed the designer and she explained that the directions are per section.

Thank you for your help!

I’ll try to post as I progress.


K1 and the next stitch begins the pattern.