Lace Shawl Edging


I’m having trouble understanding lace shawl edging instructions when I get to the corner of the shawl. Any input would be appreciated. The instructions read like this:

For corner, begin attaching edging every 4th row, working a k1 instead of the k2tog at the end of rows 19, 3, 7, 11, 15, & 19

Row 19 prior to this instruction reads like this:
Row 19: ssk, yo, ssk, yo, ssk, k2tog (with 1 shawl st)

It seems like I’ll end up with extra stitches if I k1 instead of k2tog picking up a shawl stitch. hmmm… for some reason it’s not clicking and I’ve knitted this shawl before.

Thanks so much

You shouldn’t have extra stitches. You are till working the 1 st on the end of the edging row, you just aren’t knitting it together with 1 st from the shawl. In essence, you aren’t attaching the lace to the shawl every row around the corner, giving it a little extra room every few rows (3,7,11,15,19) to make the turn.

Maybe it should read “begin attaching edging, skipping every 4th row (3,7,11,15,19) working a K1 at the end of those rows instead of a k2tog with the shawl.”

Thank you so much… I just wasn’t getting it… it’s clear now. Again thank you:-)