Lace shawl chart repeat?


I’m working on my first shawl and need some help. It’s the Hydrangea Shawl and although I’ve knitted off a chart before, I’m a bit confused by this one.

The chart is shaped like an upside triangle, every row is charted, and all rows are knit. The row numbers start at the bottom (point of triangle) with 2 and go to 18 (widest row at top). In the center of the triangle, starting at row 9 and ending at top row 18, a bunch of the chart blocks are shaded in (they still contain symbols), so it looks like a square within the triangle.

The instructions say to “repeat the shaded area across the row” and I’m not sure what that means. It also says “Every time you repeat rows 9-18 ( the rows with the shaded square) there will be two more repetitions of the shaded area on the chart.”

Thanks for any help!


If you just start out with 1 or 2 stitches at the bottom of the triangle, you probably work rows 1-8 straight across. By the time you get to row 9, you should have enough stitches to repeat the shaded area. How many times you repeat it will depend on how many stitches are on your needle at that point.

Work to the end of the shaded area once, and repeat just the shaded area until you only have enough stitches to finish what’s to the left of the shaded repeat area.

Clear enough?

think about it this way
this is chart (point and first ‘center pattern’

in the following rows, you have this


each repeat you’ll have more center boxes (|.|) (what ever stitches are need to make up |.| (which really represents 8 pattern rows!)

Thank you for your responses.

I still didn’t get it :wall: so I went to my LYS and the owner set me straight.

I didn’t realize I had to knit through the entire 18 row triangle chart first, and then begin the repeat rows. It all clicked after that.

Hi. while you are doing the repeats of the center shaded panel, add markers between each pattern. The pattern probably calls for markers at the center where you do the increase sts, but as your shawl gets larger and more repeats appear, it is easy to lose your place. I just started doing shawls too and it’s no fun frogging lace alpaka yarn. If you find your pattern count is off, you can always add a stitch or decrease a stitch and the reverse side. I know that’s cheating, but who will know :angelgrin: good luck ellie

Thanks for the tip, Ellieblue !

I will definitely utilize my stick markers on this project. :wink: