"Lace" scarf

A friend told me about a very simple pattern that she was using for a scarf…but I am having trouble…

On an even number of stitches you should:
on every row:
purl one, [yo, purl two together] until the last stitch, purl in last stitch

I realize that the yo will increase and the purl two together will decrease and the same number of stitches should be on each row but somehow, I think I am not doing something right…because all the stitches seem difficult to work with…please advise.

I just tried that pattern out. I did have some difficilties with the first row, but from then it was easy. Though I had to move my right hand much more than on stockinette :smiley:
Do you do continental or english knitting?
Do you make your yarn-over in the right direction(as if to knit)?
Do you purl right? If so you might have encountered difficulties whenever you purled.

I am a “thrower” not a “picker” …though I am trying to learn continental method now. I have knitted for 40 years as a thrower and trying the continental stitch just seems awkard to me right now. I really want to try this stitch to make a scarf for my daughter to take her when I see her in DC in two weeks, So I am going to stick to English style for now.

Now that I said all that…your other questions…

Do you make your yarn-over in the right direction(as if to knit)? Yes, I do that correctly

Do you purl right? What do you mean by “right” I purl like the video on this web site shows for English purl.

Odd…the first row seems to go fine for me …it is the rest of the rows that seem messed up…especially the last stitch or two.

Well, I thought you might be a new knitter, my fault :oops:
Unfortunately I’ve unraveled my swatch and actually haven’t looked on the edge stitches.
Maybe someone else who also throws can help?

I’ll make another swatch later and have a look at my edge stitches.

I think what happened is I was working very tightly and the stitches at the end got turned over the kneedle…I did another swatch myself and now have the hang of it but it isn’t exactly what I hoped for. Does anyone have a quick pattern for the look of lace.

I’m new to this type of message board…this message was a duplicate and I could not find the delete button after I tried to edit

Here’s a lace pattern. And another one. :wink:

I found this pic of a lace scarf at The Naked Sheep.

Hope that helps a little …