Lace Scarf

Hi, I’m looking for an really wide open lace scarf design, have Alpaca Cloud lace weight from knitpicks or a Mohair Lux not sure of gauge. Thanks is the place to find just about anything you want. It’s like the Bible around here.:lol:

Thanks I’ll take a look

Elizabeth Knits - Did you find anything applicable? I have several hanks of Alpaca Cloud and I’m not sure what I want to make with them. I haven’t started searching yet though.

There’s also the Party Lace Scarf which has beads on the edges, this lacy scarf, and Knit Picks has a couple of lacy scarf stuff on their site. The first two scarves use a mohair/mohair blend yarn which I think will sub very nicely with alpaca yarn.

Knit Picks patterns:

Thank you! That party lace scarf looks perfect so I printed it out. I’m all for the free patterns! Thanks again!

You’re welcome! I’m all for the free patterns too, so whenever I find ones I like, I either bookmark them, or I try to print out a copy to have for whenever I’m ready to start the project. Be sure to post pics when you’re done, too!:cheering:

I do the same! I actually already printed out the pattern and put it in my binder for safe keeping. Thanks again!

Thanks so much for the pattern suggestion and the link to brought me to the This is Knit shop site in Ireland.

There are TONS of Lace Scarves here:

[SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid]I love that star rib mesh scarf and the party lace too but that looks a bit harder. Glad you suggested those cookworm… I have one skein of cashmere I found in a sale basket and I want to use it for a open lacy scarf.

Don’t know if I’ll get anywhere with only one skein though so I might have to find something to combine it with.