Lace scarf

Hi! I was looking for a suggestion on some yarn I have and finding a good pattern for it. I have not done any lace stuff yet. I have recently acquired some yarn that is silk with little red beads in it. I thought maybe the branching out scarf would work with it but I am unsure. I wasnt sure if anyone else has maybe knit that scarf with yarn that had beads or if the beads would take away from the design.
I have looked through knitting pattern central and searched forums here but couldnt find any threads on it. Sorry if this has been asked before. I had thought there was a KAL at some point but couldnt find that.
Any thoughts are welcome.


The yarn sure sounds pretty! I’ve not used yarn with the beads already on it before. I would think that you could use most any pattern that calls for the same wt. yarn…but, I’ve not knit with it, I guess you could try it to see how it works.

Thanks! Temptation to play was too great lol I have cast on and I am gonna give it a go.

Thanks again Rebecca