Lace Scarf? Yarn?

This is kind of a two part question. But I’ve decided that I want to knit a lace scarf. Something really girly. It can from an all night Gilmore Girl marathon. If anyone watches that show it’s a scarf Rory wears in the 5th season. So can anyone give me a link for a girly lace scarf??? Please :pray:

Ok next I have this yarn that I am so in love with it’s so soft and again girly. I don’t know what all information that you need. But it’s Red Heart Symphony Worsted Medium COL.4552 Lt. Lavender It’s a little fuzzy but alot tamer than fun fur. I was wondering if that would be a good yarn to use on this dream lace scarf. I have to make something for me with this yarn because I can NOT give it up. I only have one ball about 100 grams and I really need a good scarf. And it would be a perfect scarf. Would this work?

Thanks in advance for the answers,
Ashley :XX:

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Lacy work can be done pretty much with any yarn, as long as the needles are ‘too big’ for that yarn.

I don’t have a specific pattern in mind but if you check out and look at their lacy patterns, I’m sure you can find something.

I don’t know what Rory’s scarf looks like (do you have a pic), but Last Minute Knitted Gifts has a lace scarf.


There are several lacey scarf patterns, these immediately come to mind: Branching Out, Dayflower Lace, and Zig Zag Lace

Hey guys I knew I would get some great and speedy answers.

Ingrid how do I tell if needles are ‘too big’ for yarn?? I have know idea about how to tell this. Sorry I’m always full of questions and not just about knitting my bf would talk your ear off about how I drive him crazy with questions.

Candice sorry no picture of rory in her darling scarf. But if you watch the Gilmore Girls then you have an idea about they’re clothes. They have the greatest clothes between the two of them. Sigh…

Rebecca hey thanks for the post on lace scarves I checked them all out and The Branching Out from knitty is great!! I’m going to do that one I just need to learn about ‘too big’ needles whatever they are. LOL

Thanks again guys your great
Long live the girls and guys :slight_smile: who love to knit

If you have a pattern for a lacy item, they give you the needle size. My main point about the needle size is that you can knit lace in any yarn–it doesn’t have to be super fine–as long as your needles are larger than customary for that yarn. You might use size 3-6 needles for dk weight yarn, for normal fabric, but use a 7-10 for lacy fabric, for example.

This chart tells you the weights of various yarns and the recommended needle sizes for them.

Look at what size needles are recommended on the yarn label for the Red Heart Symphony and go up several sizes from that to produce a “lacy” effect. I have a skein and it recommend a US 8, so try a size 10 or 11 and do a swatch, and change the needle size until you get the lacy effect that you desire.

My favorite lacy scarf was done with thin mohair (commercially spun). I knitted it in the “ocean wave” pattern, only I left out the garter stitch raised part. Just made that row plain stockingette, but in another soft color Mine was white with a very soft pink row where the garter stitch raised rows would normally go. Mohair done on a large enough needles gives a very pretty lace, IMO.