Lace Scarf dilemma

HI all…I started a “lacy” pattern scarf (just used basic yo sts etc) here’s the dilemma: The scarf has somehow dec as I am going along (way less sts than the co)…I am liking the results, but it is obviously narrower now…I am thinking of picking up sts from the co edge and goin down from there to start the other side…, but the co edge has tons of sts… and it’s gonna have a seam in the middle…Can I take out the co edge sts somehow? any suggestions…Thanks

It seems if you’re going to take off the cast-on edge, you should figure out where you want to start from in the body of the scarf. Insert a lifeline, and cut off the CO edge. Rip out to the live stitches and go from there. Otherwise the only thing I can see to do is rip it out til you get back to the right amount of stitches on your needle. Whenever I find I don’t have the right amount of stitches I’ll keep working it in denial for another 2-3 rows before I finally rip it out :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,

Great advice…Thank you, now how do I “cut” the cast on? Or unravel? Thanks

After you put in a lifeline a few rows above the cast on edge, just hack away between the line and your cast on with some scissors. Give yourself a couple rows between your cutting line and the lifeline so you don’t accidentally cut something you want to keep. You’ll then unravel what’s left up to the lifeline, and use the lifeline to guide where you reinsert your needle.