Lace Rib; from flat to circular

I have a stitch that I want to make a pair of socks with. The only thing is, I can’t seem to wrap my head around how to change it from knitting it flat to knitting in the round. The stitch is from Vogue Stitchionary:
Rows 1 and 3:*P2, K1; rep from *, end P2
Row 2:*K2, P1, yo, ssk, P1; rep from *, end k2
Row 4:*K2, P1, k2tog, yo, P1; rep from *, end K2
Any help would be appreciated! :muah:

I would leave rows 2 and 4 the same, but for rows 1 and 3 do this:

*K2, p1;repeat from *, end k2

Thanks Ingrid! :muah: