Lace project, weaving in

this is probably a silly question but I am using a fine guage yarn to knit a shawl. It have large double yarn overs. I am trying to start a new ball at the beginning of a new row but I got caught in the middle of a row. Poor judgement I guess. Is there a good way to weave in those ends so they won’t pop out. I normally use the double strand method for adding a new skein as demonstrated in the video on this site but with these yarn overs, I am not sure that is a good idea. I have not done a lot of lace work so any idea woudl be appreciated.

I saw some pictures on Ravelry last night of a lace shawl where the yarn ends were knit double and I don’t believe she had a problem with the ends popping out. It helps if you have a bit of stockinette or garter at the point where you need to join. If there is such a place in the pattern, you might need to back up a few stitches to do the join there instead of the YO section.

Thanks great suggestion, I shoudl have thought of that myself!