Lace problems

I am knitting a lace shawl and it calls for two yarn overs in a row (K2tog yo yo slkpsso) When I purl back do the two yos make one or two stitches?

What you do with the double yo’s depends on what the next row of directions say. Sometimes you work both yo’s into stitches, usually a knit and purl. Other times you drop one of the yo’s and have a large stitch to work into.

What do the next instructions say?

The lace pattern is on a knit or odd row and every even row says purl, just purl so I’m assuming then I make them into two stitches?
Thanks for your help.

I would assume you purl the double yarn over as one st unless the pattern or the instructions at the beginning tell you different (as Ingrid says, the knit and purl into the yos). Does the pattern give you a st count at the end of the rows? That might help you figure this out too.

No, it doesn’t give a stitch count which would make this much easier. When I get to row 27, I can’t make the stitch count work doing the yo yo as two stiches BUT, doing it as one stitch, I can’t make the stitch count work as early as row 9. I woman I know who is a master knitter, said each should count as one stitch but even though she looked at the pattern, she didn’t really figure out stitch count for each row for me. She says I should abandon the whole project, pick a simpler pattern but now I’m determined to finish it, like the quest for the Holy Grail or something. I want to know I can do this.

I just went back and really read the pattern and book again, as per instructions, “trust the pattern” and I noticed where it said treat yarn overs (actually it’s an English pattern so they call them yfwds) on WS as p1 p1B. So at least I have the answer to that question. Doesn’t me that I won’t have more as I go along as this is the most challenging pattern I’ve ever tried.
Thanks to everyone for their help.

Good for you! Sometimes you just have to be determined and you can figure it out. Glad you aren’t abandoning it

Well, the pattern has two versions, one all written instructions (Version I) which I am using and one that is written and chart (Version II). I found the P1 P1B for in the instructions for Version II but am assuming it would be the same for Version I. Let’s hope.
Now, when I do P1 P1B I end up with three stiches instead of two, is this correct?
No, I will not abandon this. I am determined! It is for my daughter, she picked out the yarn and pattern and I will finish it.

When you purl1 and purl1B into the yarn over, you should have 2sts.
Here’s a video that may help. It shows purling into the front and back of a st, not a yo but treat the yo as one large st.

No you just do the second st as purl through the back loop, which is not an increase. You may be reading it at ‘purl in stitch below’ which can be an increase; sometime similar terms are used for different things, or the same thing may have more than one term used for it.