Lace Pi are square shawl

I was linked to this from the Ample Knitters digest but I thought I’d share the link here since when I saw it I was very much :shock:

Anyway, I think its pretty spectacular! If anyone attempts this I’d love to see your end result!

Wow. I don’t think I would have the patience to knit that… but it is very beautiful! :inlove:

DotMom made it! :smiley:

That is beautiful!

OOOH she did?! goes to search

I’ve loved that shawl since I began knitting 2 years ago…one day, perhaps, one day :wink:

I found the link where DotMom61 was working on it. It looks hard!

Well, I knew my ears must be burning for some reason! :lol: Just found this, and I have to say that my shawl was NO WHERE NEAR the complexity of this one!!! That said, it took FOREVER and a day to knit it. I can’t imagine the hours that went into that patterned one. WOW! It’s gorgeous.

Here’s my final product – very simple, comparatively:

I might also add that Ingy was instrumental in the completion of this project!!! :sunny: