Lace pattern

I have a pattern for a lace scarf that calls for “k2tog, yf, yo, p1, yb, yo, sl1, k1, psso.” My question is about the “yb” followed by “yo.” As I understand it, a yarn over always goes from front to back. My understanding is that you leave the yarn in front when doing a yarn over following a purl stitch.

Any help would be much appreciated!


It’s because you are doing yarn overs between knit and purl stitches, and not between two knit stitches or two purl stitches.

All it means is that you will yf (because the next actual stitch is a purl), then do your yo, bringing the yarn over the right needle, front to back. Then do your purl stitch, bring the yarn to the back, yarn over the right needle, front to back, then sl1, k1, psso.

Does this help?

yeah…when doing a K+YO+P, you have to wrap the yarn around the needle a whole “extra” time.

Thanks to both of you for your replys, but I’m afraid I’m still confused. After a purl stitch my yarn is in front. If I then take it behind (between the needles, not over the right needle), how do I do a yarn over front to back?

What you need to do is what you thought you shouldn’t do. Bring it back over the right needle again and to the front. That’s what Kelly meant. That loop around your needle will be your yo stitch.