Lace pattern with stitches that don't add up?

I wouldn’t say i am a beginner knitter but i have yet to try doing lace. So yesterday i grab my knitting bible and look up some nice lace patterns to try. I picked a vine zig zag lace. It says to cast on a multiple of 10 sts plus one. so i cast on 11. Now i know how to work all the terms, or at least i thought i did because i was stuck at row 1, which is as follows
Row 1 (RS) K1, k2tog, k4, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k1 rep to end
now it all makes as the two dec balance out the two yo, but then i get to the ssk and find that i need an extra 2 sts on my left needle to work the ssk then the k1. When i count my sts it adds up to 11 but i must be doing something wrong as I’ve tried another pattern and had the same problem of needing extra sts to complete the row.
Can anyone explain this to me? please.
Thank you so much!

Hmmmmmmmm…I do get 11 stitches when I count…

Row 1 (RS) K1, k2tog, k4, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k1 rep to end
1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1

The part in the * *s gives you 10 stitches total. Are you doing the SSK correctly - that should be using only two stitches. Please don’t think I’m questioning your abilities, just trying to figure out where the miscounting is coming from!

Does this help at all? How many stitches are you casting on?

Yeah i know exactly what you’re saying because when i count it it adds up to 11 in total too but this is what im doing.
11 sts on left needle
k1 10sts on left needle 1 sts on right needle 11sts in total
k2tog 8sts on left needle 2sts on right needle 10 sts total
k4 4sts on left needle 6sts on right needle 10sts total
yo 3sts on left needle 8sts on right needle 11sts total
k1 2sts on left needle 9 sts on right needle 11 sts total
yo 1sts on left needle 11 sts on right needle 12 sts total

then i’m stuck… what am i doing wrong? am i being silly? i shouldn’t be left with 1 sts to do a ssk and a k1…? when i see the chart it makes sense but then when i’m working it as above i screw up…

i get 11 stitches used when I count too.

sts stitch
1 k1
2 k2tog
4 k4
0 yo
1 k1
0 yo
2 ssk
1 k1

i don’t know what you could be doing wrong either. hmm…

how come you’ve put 0 sts used for a yo? maybe this is where i’m going wrong but i’ve always yo one sts and it comes out 2 sts on the right needle, i thought this is why dec are made within the patt? can you explain your 0 sts for the yo? im very confused…

Okay, I cast on 11 stitches and gave it a try…the areas in red is were I get different counts than you do…hopefully this will help!

11 sts on left needle
k1 - 10sts on left needle - 1 sts on right needle - 11 sts in total
k2tog - 8 sts on left needle - 2sts on right needle - 10 sts total
k4 - 4 sts on left needle - 6 sts on right needle - 10 sts total
[color=red]yo - 4 sts on left needle - 7 sts on right needle - 11 sts total
k1 - 3 sts on left needle - 8 sts on right needle - 11 sts total
yo - 3 sts on left needle - 9 sts on right needle - 12 sts total
ssk - 1 sts on left needle - 10 sts on right needle - 11 sts total[/color]

What Sandara was doing was showing how the orginal 11 stitches were being used. the YOs are 0s because they are created stithces, they are not part of the orginal 11. The K2tog and the SSK have 2 stitches because they use two orginal stitches but end up as 1 stitch on the right needle.

ok… I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel! I obviously have totaly misunderstood how to do a yo. what i previously understood is that a yo is bringing the yarn forward then knitting the stitch and taking the yarn over the right needle. So to me that meant using one stitch and after yo it inc 1 sts. Am i missing the point? Is the k1 between the two yo in the pattern then the sts i knit a yo into? or is my definition of a yo completely wrong?

a yo doesn’t use up a stitch.

what you are thinking of as a yo is really a yo, k1.

Hopefully this helps!

Right! ok! Off i go to try it again and hopefully this time it will work! Thank you ever so much Sandra and Sara! A yo shall never again be misunderstood!
:muah: :muah:

Sandra is right - the YO does not use a stitch at all…you just wrap that yarn around the right needle then continue on with the pattern.

Good luck!

Yes, yo is just making the new loop. It does not involve knitting a stitch off the left needle onto right.
Unfortunately, people try to explain the definition of a yo by telling novices ‘bring wool to the front, then k1.’ That is how you do a yo, k1. Not a yo, shame people are not clear.
It is basically just wrapping the wool the same way you do when knitting a stitch! but the right needle is not inserted into the next stitch on the left needle at the time you do the wrap.


I had exactly the same misunderstanding at one point, because Vogue shows how to do YO in between stitches. It took a while before I realized that the stitch following the YO was not part of the YO. Kind of confusing, but I see that Vogue is trying to show the YO technique for a variety of specific cases.

Anyway, thank goodness for this forum!

How is your lace working out now?