Lace Pattern Repeats

Hello to all! I am an intermediate knitter, but new to this forum. I’ve just started reading charts - I’ve always worked from written instructions previously. I’m working on a lace shawl. The pattern calls for increases in the center of the knit rows, and also increases on the edges of the purl rows. There is a repeating pattern on the knit side that runs from a set of edge stitches to the center section (on both sides of the center). I’ve checked BOTH the written instructions and the chart, and it seems that the repeat is moving 1 stitch towards the center on each RS row. I’ve done lots of cables - and that’s a NO-NO! Here’s the question. Is a ‘moving’ repeat something that is common in lace knitting? In my previous lace projects, the repeats always lined up from row to row - but I was creating rectangular fabric - here, I’m creating a triangle… I must say - a moving repeat has been cause for concern! Any comments would be helpful! THANKS!

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If you have increases on either side of the center stitch or stitches, then yes, the pattern often shifts in order to account for the extra sts. Sometimes you can readily see this as the pattern seems to grow on either side of the center.
What pattern are you making?

The pattern is for the Ishbel Scarf (you can see it on Ravelry). It’s supposed to be a vine pattern. After getting the response from salmonmac, I knitted the A section last night, and each Odd (RS) row seems to move 1 stitch over. Makes moving all those stitch-markers I use for pattern repeats a real challenge! LOL

So far, I think all is well - but it’s only 8 rows, and I guess that I won’t know until I’ve done all the charts and repeats! Thank you so much for helping me have the courage to go forward! Just a few words from an expert can really help when you’re doing something for the first time!

I’ve tried to attach a copy of the A section of the pattern here - not sure if I figured out how to do the attachment.

I’m using Poem’s Sock yarn in Horizon - a long-color-change, fingering-weight yarn that moves through every color in the rainbow, and I’m carrying a thread of Premier Enchant Jewelry-Box for sparkle! My hope is that I can wear it with everything, assuming it comes out!

Lovely scarf!

Did you also see the errata linked on the Ravelry page?
Your copy of the pattern may have been corrected already.

Do you use a life line? Just in case of a mistake, it’s a great idea:

Yes, I saw the errata, and checked my pattern before starting. I just hate it when I figure out there’s an error - in the middle of the work! Ravelry is SUCH a good source for finding errata! I’m so glad the folks here on the forum teach others to go look for errata!

And yes, I do use a lifeline! I bought a set of Addi Turbo Lace Needles a year or two ago, and noticed they made a big deal about having Lifeline cables - I had no idea what they were talking about, so came to the forum and looked it up. Now I use Lifelines with most projects - when I don’t use the Lifeline cables, I just use a darning needle and some 1/16th inch ribbon. I’m still working out how often to put a Lifeline in, and whether I should leave them in until the project is done, or just until I do the next Lifeline…

For the shawl I’m using square needles. This is the first time I’ve used them for a large project, and I must say I like them for lace! They have nice sharp points for the fiddly work, and I don’t tend to have stitches fly off the needles. I love my Turbos - but not for everything! I used to use Addi Bamboo needles for lace, but now I think the square needles work better. I also like their stiffer cables - they don’t twist and get in the way and the cables have a nice large join to the needles (using 3.5 mm) so the stitches slide beautifully.

For me, half the fun is experimenting and learning new things. I learned to read charts for crochet years ago, but just figured out knitting charts - and I love them! I’ll be doing a lot more lace now!

THANK-YOU again!