Lace pattern question

I’m making my daughter a shrug by knitting a rectangle and then seaming enough at each end to make a 3/4 length sleeve. I’m not using a pattern, just making it up as I go. At this point it looks like a scarf. Anyway, I’ve decided to make the sleeves lace using the following pattern of stitches:
k1, k2tog twice, (yo,k1) three times, yo, ssk twice, k1. The next row is purled, then you repeat the lace stitches.
I want the pattern to orient in the same direction on each sleeve when worn, ie the pattern points down to the elbow. One sleeve is done(at this point it doesn’t matter if it’s right or left), but I’m thinking I need to do the pattern in reverse on the other side. Am I thinking correctly?
I could just do it and frog it if it doens’t work, but I was trying to save myself the frustration.

The only way to mirror the pattern on the other side is to knit from the wrist, then you’d join the two pieces on the back. There’s not much you can reverse on that pattern, unless you mean start at the end of the row and work across to the beginning, but it’s already mirrored with decs at the ends of the pattern and the YO k1s in the middle. Does it look all that much different when you look at it the other direction? I’d just keep it as is and you probably won’t be able to tell the difference 5 feet away from it.