Lace Pattern question

So I am doing this lace pattern, and I understand the stitches, but I don’t understand the technique. Let me explain.

It says "k2, k2tog yo, k5, yo, sl 1 k2tog psso, rep from * , end with yo, k5, yo, ssk, k1.

Okay, I am confused. Does that mean that I repeat the pattern until the last eight stitches, and then do end? That’s it isn’t it?

Yep, you got it!!!:thumbsup:

Actually, when you get to the end of the repeats, you’ll only have 6 sts - the YOs will make the 2 extra sts.

Isn’t it 8 sts + 2 yo? yo, [B]k5[/B], yo, [B]ssk, k1[/B]

Ooops, I missed the SSK. Nevermind…