Lace pattern help, losing stitches... :(

Hi all, I’m new here, i just hope someone can help me with this pattern. I’ve looked for pattern correction at the source and found nothing.
It was published in a UK publication, ‘how to knit and crochet’ and the pattern is called ‘Cali’. It’s a lace scarf and appears relatively simple but one row into the lace portion of the pattern I lose 2 stitches! Here is how the pattern reads:

Cast on 24 sts
Knit 8 rows
Start lace pattern:
Row 1: k6, yfwd, k3tog, yfwd, k3, yfwd, sk2po, yfwd, k9. (It’s at this point that I have only 22 stitches on the needle so I’ll only list the next row not the whole rest of the pattern)
Row 2: k4, p16, k4

Two things I should mention, my research shows that the UK yfwd abbreviation is the same as the US yo abbreviation… And the pattern notes a special abbreviation of sk2po means slip one, k2tog, pass slipped stitch over.

I’ve even charted it out on graph paper and still come up with the same problem.

Can a more seasoned knitter please oh please tell me what I’m doing wrong, I really love this pattern.

Welcome to KH. By my count you should end with 24 sts. My guess is the yfwd which should result in a yo is somehow causing you problems. Be sure you actually have a yo each of the places it’s called for and that you’re not somehow using up a stitch to make it. HTH

Thanks GG, I’m going to give it another go, but I’m not sure… I have picked this pattern up and tried it more than once and ended up putting it down again before I get too frustrated. I’m yo-ing correctly… I’m familiar with that stitch and have used it successfully in other patterns, and I can see them. Wish me luck and I’ll let you know if I get it right eventually!

Welcome to the forum!

See if putting in markers before you start the row helps. If you mark off 6-3-3-3-9sts it may help you figure out where you’re going wrong.

:woohoo: thank you both for your experience and insight! Turns out I WAS missing the yo’s on either side of the sk2po because I was so focused on getting that stitch right! Good greif, i feel so silly! Anyway, I have successfully completed one lace pattern repeat and still have 24 sts on the needle. Thank you again!

Excellent! Those yarn overs can be pesky critters one way or another. Glad you got it worked out.