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Hi everyone,
I have picked the hardest sock pattern (for a newbie) to start but after ripping it up approx 35 times so far, I have managed to progress past row 1- until now… Does any one know exactly what this means,
‘on rounds 10, 12, 14, 16 start round with K1 stitch. Slip this stitch to end of last needle, then work chart.’
Does this mean I - K1 and then slip it down the cable? To the other end?
Thanks for any help
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Hi, and welcome to KH.

Can you tell us the name of the pattern you are using?

My guess is the pattern was written for double pointed needles. If so, then it does not apply to using a long circular and magic loop.

Thanks for getting back - it’s laurelhurst sock pattern… It does say magic loop or circular. I’m quite confused…!

Well, you titled this thread as magic loop in circular, so I assumed you are using one long, flexible circular needle.

The pattern cast on concludes with “devide evenly between needles…” Which is only needed when using a set of ridgid, double pointed needles.

So the “k1 and slip to the last needle” is also for double pointed needles. You can safely ignore it if you are using magic loop.
Now can you remove the image or crop it down to only showing a small portion of the inspections. This is because of copyright laws.
I found this Ravelry page about the pattern.

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Thank so much, apologies I will remove it as soon as I can get on the website - it appears to keep crashing.

Thanks again for your help.

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