lace mesh pattern HELP!

I am knitting a kindness shawl by Jaala Spiro
I am now at row 83 where I am to begin working row 1 of lace mesh pattern.

lace mesh :

ROW 1: (RS) K2, *YO, sl1, K2, psso the K2, rep from * across, end k1

My question is how do you psso the K2? I know the psso stitch is done by slipping a stich purl wise and knitting into the back of the next stitch. Then slipping the slip stitch on the RH needle over the stitch that was knit into the back of. How do you psso the K2? I tried passing the 2 Knit stitches over as well as the one involved in the psso stitch but that didn’t work.

any advice would be so welcomed!

Hi there, although I am not familiar with the pattern, I think it should read like this; K2 yo, sl1 psso, K2. I think the “the” is suppose to read “then”.

K2, yo,sl1 psso, K2

Yo, sl1 psso, K2

Is this the pattern you are working?

You missed a k2 between the sl1 and the psso.
First row of lace mesh is as follows:
Multiples of 3 sts (minimum of 6); 4 rows.
Row 1 (RS): K2, * YO, sl1, k2, psso the k2, rep
from * across, end k1.

I added bold to mark the instructions you missed.

Does that make sense now?

YES! that is the pattern!

Unfortunately I still don’t see how to do that stitch?
I would yarn over , sl1 stitch purl wise, then knit 2, then the psso (which is slip one stitch onto Right hand needle, knit into the back of the next stitch on the lefthand needle and then pass the first sliped stitch over the stitch I just knit into the back of? OR do I slip the stitch over the slip stitch AND the 2 knitted stitches?? This is the part that confused me. I tried slipping 3 stitches off and that didn’t work.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post I really appreciate it!

I THINK you are misunderstanding PSSO. Perhaps it meant what you said in another pattern, but I believe it just means Pass Slipped Stitch Over. Which means to take the stitch you slipped onto the right needle and pass it over the next two knit stitches you knit after the slipped stitch (and off the needle).

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Oh that makes so much more sense. I have been over thinking it! I will try that.

And thank you again for taking the time to respond to my post.

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I googled it and it says to slip the stitch knitwise. I’ve heard to always slip purlwise but that doesn’t seem to hold true for PSSO and SSK! I think consistency is key. Try it both ways and see how it looks. It will have a lean toward the left, if I’m thinking correctly, so a knitwise slip might look more smooth.

You’re right that the slip is usually purlwise but a decrease is the exception. If the slip stitch is part of a decrease, slip knitwise. But I like your advice to try it both ways and see which looks better to you.

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YO, Slip 1, K2, PSSO (Pass the slipped stitch over the K2).
That is a single stitch decrease offset by the YO Inc.
Edited the add correct video…

The (sl1, K2, psso) also produces a bar in front similar to the bamboo stitch…

Fish or dragon scale knit stitch.