Lace Lovers take a LOOK! PICTURE ADDED

If you like Mystery KALs take a look. This designer rocks!

Her charts are perfect!!!
She will close the KAL in March.

I am still on clue 2 :slight_smile:
Here is a picture through to clue 3 (Not mine). It is going to have a cool opening.

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I have signed up for the yahoo group. Is the chart in english as well as german?

Yes, the file page has English and other languages.

The charts are just symbols. Don’t forget to print the Key page (scheme & beginning).

I have also been told to download, download and don’t forget to [B]download[/B]. Here today, gone later.

There are also some cute little patterns she has given to the group. Bookmarks, wrist warmer and such, so look around.

Wow - she does beautiful work - thanks for the link!

I just signed up for this as well, but I speak English. What did I join? Where do I find the charts? I can’t read German and can’t navigate the site! :shrug: :gah:

Any help in regards to English to German translation of the main topics would be very welcome and greatly appreciated. :aww:

Edited To Add: I found the files (datien) and found a ‘site translation’ file that will be a great help in navigating this site. :slight_smile:

lynn893 I am so glad you found everything. The German threw me for a little bit also.
If you have any questions, someone will answer you back in English. I Have been looking more on Ravelry than through the yahoo group. Just easier to read the postings.

Absolutely gorgeous! If I felt more confident in my knitting, I’d give it a whirl - but I don’t think I’m ready for lace just yet! :smiley:

Lovely shawl! I signed up too, I used to live in Holland and I worked with a lot of German folks so even though my German is a little rusty I didn’t have a lot of trouble finding my way around. Thanks for the link!

knitpurlgurl, I have seen your socks, you are already doing lace!:yay:

[B]As for a chart:[/B]
The blank spaces you knit.
The slash \ / marks are 2tog left or right.
The O is make a hole (yarn over).
The V is make1 (front and back).
The /| is k3tog
The /|\ in 3tog by sl1-k2tog-psso

This is what is in the Lady Jane.

Snugglebugmom, you are welcome.

beautiful and here is the reason i cant knit lace

Too bad I can’t join Yahoo groups. LOL That shawl is GORGEOUS. :heart: