Lace Knitting

My lace cardigan done in stockinette stitch has a hole several rows down on the sleeve. Still knitting the sleeve but close to the end. The hole does not seem to be unraveling. Is there a fix for this?

You can run a needle through the stitches on the wrong side and close it up with a stitch or two. Some knitters weave yarn through the holes at the base of mitten thumbs to make them less noticeable.

Thank you! This yarn is so fine. I have had to remove several rows when stitches fall of the dbl point needles. I really didn’t want to remove all the way back to this little hole.

Depending on the lace pattern, you may want to put in a lifeline in case a situation comes up where you will need to rip back a few rows. It’ll make it easier to pick up the pattern. See the video Under the Free Videos tab at the top of this page, Tips, for putting in a lifeline.

It sounds like you did an accidental YO, do you have more stitches than you should have? But yeah, just close it up from the WS.