Lace Knitting

so I’m making the Airy Scarf - lace knit pattern for a grab bag gift- - I know only supposed to spend $20 bucks but my work & all makes it worth so much more - but the person I got may be my future boss so it is worth it to me.

Anyhow onto my question - I just started and man is this tough – but how do you weave in the ends when everything is so - well - holey?

You shouldn’t have too many ends–really just the cast on and bind off. Check Amy’s videos on joining yarn for tips on how to do it in such a way that you don’t have any ends.

I’m pretty sure that when I did mine I wove my cast on end in with the 1st couple of stithces & it kind of felted together, as did the bind off ends. I was using Knitpicks’ Alpaca cloud. I actually got carried away & did it too long & my daughter uses it as a cool belt :wink:

It may be a bit tedious, but if you just follow the path of one strand of yarn through several stitches, it works pretty well.

thanks chicas! this isn’t as easy as I thought but it isn’t as terrible as i thought either! i have to take my time!

Rebecca - do you have picture of yours? I don’t think I could go on and on with it but who knows?!

Lisa, I’m sorry to say that I don’t. I’m afraid that’s one of the many projects that I didn’t take a picture of & I really wish I knew when I began knitting (the whole 18 mos ago…lol) that I would want photos of everything, but I didn’t give it a thought until sometime this year. Now I take photos of projects from beginning to end so that I will have a visual history to go along with my notes.
I will tell you that I felt kind of awkward like bc the yarn was so small & the needles so big, I think…I’m not a big fan of lace yarn, I think I need to give it another go since I have more knitting experience.