Lace Knitting

I am trying to knit for the first time from a chart. The chart has a square that says no stitch. What does that mean? I want to make this beautiful shawl and I have never heard of a no stitch. Help Please. :!:

Sorry, I don’t know. There only thing I can guess is that at that point in the pattern there will be a lace hole :?:

I’m just bumping for ya :wink: Surely there are some lace savvy knitters here :?

Welcome Whansen!

Ignore that stitch on the chart; there is no stitch on your needle to represent it. Did you do a decrease in the row below it? It’s just a space-filler on the chart. Skip to the next square to continue the instructions.

hope that makes sense,

Thanks for the help, Amy I was so confused. I am knitting a huge lace shawl and I may finish in a year or two - but will do my best. Thanks a million - no one I know knew the answer. Mary


Whansen, it’s a good idea to use a life-line when doing lace-work like that (see Basic Techniques/ More page). So if you get lost and have to unravel, you’ll know exactly where you are!

Happy knitting!