Lace Knitting

What is the best knitting needles for doing lace knitting? I have bamboo circular needles, but would it be better to do it with another type? Please advise.

I don’t love metal needles for lace or anything else because I my stitches tend to slip off; I prefer wood or plastic or something with a little cling to it.

Also, it’s best to have needles with very pointy points, regardless of what they’re made of. Needles with dull points make it hard to dig into stitches where you need to.

Good luck!

for circs I find the most important crucial thing is to have a smooth join to the cable.

It depends on your yarn; if it’s a slippery fiber, the wood will do nicely. If it’s grabby yarn, you’d want metal. It’s usually the tips that people look at - pointier ones are easier to use than blunter tips when you do a lot of k2tog.

My personal opinion is use the needles you most enjoy using.

Good response, Mason! I was tempted to say something along the same lines.

I’ve only made one lace item, a scarf for a friend for Christmas. If I were making a shawl I’d want to be able to add cable, as the shawl grew larger. Slippery yarn and needles didn’t bother me, I want the yarn to glide easily, even when doing k2tog, or p2tog. Sharp points for those stitches, and others, is a necessity. Otherwise it’s a stuggle.

I use my KP Options and they work very well for me.