Lace knitting pattern help

I’m seriously stuck on this pattern.
Row 5: ssk, k, k2tog, yo, k,k,k, yo.
So that’s 8 stitches.
Row 6: knit across, but on the chart the stitches that correspond to the ssk and k2tog are gray meaning there is no stitch. So that’s 6 stitches
Row 7: no stitch, ssk psso, no stitch, yo, ssk, k, k2tog, yo
Row 8: knit 8 stitches

How does it go from 8 to 6 back to 8? Is this a mistake in the pattern or is this my inexperience with charts? I’m knitting this on 3 dpns waiting to transfer to 1 circular when it gets bigger.
Any help would be much appreciated!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Row 5 finishes with 8sts. Since the ssk and k2tog each take 2sts but still leave you with one stitch, only one box should be greyed out for each.
There may be a problem in row 7, whether in the chart or the transcription. There doesn’t seem to be a slipped stitch indicated although there is a direction to pass a slipped stitch over.
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name? Alternatively, can you post a picture of the first 8 rows of the chart?

I figured it out. There’s nothing wrong with the chart, I just didn’t trust it. I need to learn to trust the charts. Thanks so much for replying :slight_smile: